Event Curator

Brainchild behind the UpperCrust Food & Wine Show, she conceptualised and organised the unique event almost two decades ago. The Show brought out the foodie in millions of people and offered them a chance to indulge in new cuisines, making new ingredients available to them. Today The Show is hailed the biggest food exhibition in the country expanding the food and wine industry. Dog A’Fair, the fun carnival for pets and dog lovers, captivated hearts setting a new trend to ‘bring home a dog’, her very objective in launching the carnival – changing the pet-scape of the city. “Food and dogs, two wonderful subjects that I deal with are two subjects most people are passionate about. Am I working or am I having fun? I feel blessed,”
avers Farzana Contractor.

UpperCrust Food & Wine Show

Dog A’Fair

Pawsitive People’s Award


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